With over 30 years of experience in the demolition industry, Allied Demolition, Inc. has unparalleled experience in providing a comprehensive range of quality demolition services to the greater South Florida area.

Since the start of the company, Allied Demolition has continually grown and developed in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing South Florida industry. As a result of this, Allied Demolition, Inc. has become an established, trusted company, reputed throughout South Florida for our commitment to quality, safety, and integrity. Our experience and meticulousness has led us to complete some of the most challenging and dangerous commercial demolition jobs in the Miami-Dade area, with precision and safety. Our ability to create “turn-key” solutions has made us a dependable company for all projects, no matter the complexity of the job.

Allied Demolition Inc. proudly serves Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and the Caribbean. Call us now for a FREE quote!

Allied Demolition, Inc. is committed to providing quality demolition services – commercial, industrial, and residential – with integrity and safety.

We are committed to developing customer relationships by maintaining integrity and reliability in all our services. In our commitment to excellence, we value customer feedback as it strengthens our ability to better serve our community.

We are committed to our community by providing environmentally safe, green services. We strive to minimize the effects of demolition on the environment, by cleaning up debris, always recycling resources, and providing a clear job site for future developers.

We are committed to providing and training professional, knowledgeable employees. Our team is made up of trustworthy employees that have been with Allied Demolition, Inc. for many years.

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