Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Allied Demolition Inc. is committed to providing quality Demolition Inc. services commercial, industrial, and residential, with integrity and safety. We are committed to developing customer relationships by maintaining integrity and reliability in all our services. In our commitment to excellence, we value customer feedback as it strengthens our ability to better serve our community. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

We are committed to our community by providing environmentally safe, green services. We strive to minimize the effects of Demolition Inc. on the environment, by cleaning up debris, always recycling resources, and providing a clear job site for future developer’s demolition. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

We are committed to providing and training professional, knowledgeable employees. Our team is made up of trustworthy employees that have been with Allied Demolition, Inc. for many years. Call now for a free estimate! (305) 513-4994. The #1 trusted Demolition Inc. in South Florida and the Caribbean for over 30 years. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida are trained professionals dedicated to offering services for tearing down of the buildings. They have experienced professionals who carry on with the demolition contractors’ work in a legal and safe way.

For Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the most important factors are safety and the legalities. Firstly, you need to obey the rules and regulations of the state government for proceeding with it. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Though most of the states do not have any prohibition for the residential Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida and extension, but many other states have strict guidelines, failing to follow which may land you into legal troubles.

Secondly, you need to start the work by prioritizing all the safety parameters such as insurance guidelines, safety, and risk management tools and hiring trained professionals is as important in Demolition Inc.

Advantages of hiring the Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida:

When you need some concrete breaking activities for renovation or reconstruction activity in demolition contractors, you need to hire these Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It is obvious that demolition contractors’ work is not a one-day affair and is not possible without the assistance of these companies.

Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida will not only reduce your headache but will also provide you with a peaceful atmosphere. When the demolition contractors’ work starts, safety measures must become your topmost priority and must adhere to all the safety guidelines to get your work done.

If any damages occur to the surrounded property in demolition contractors, then it is the liability of the property owner and he/she is liable to pay the penalty and also becomes responsible for getting their property repaired in a demolition. Therefore, hire reputed Demolition Inc. who can lead the work peacefully and is well aware of the technicalities involved.

The Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida hire qualified structural engineers, professional technicians and trained demolishers for the job. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Along with that, they always make a detailed study of the property layout before starting the work. Their engineers evaluate the project plan first and then start with the step by step Demolition Inc. of the property.

Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

They are competent professionals who can complete the demolition contractors’ work within the stipulated time frame and also save your valuable time. Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida assist you with all the possible ways and can demolish the old property within a short time.

If you are interested in getting some part of your property extended or want to rebuild the roof or staircase, they are the best people to do the job for you. Just assign the work to them for getting a flawless job done in demolition contractors.

These are government registered companies and have a license to conduct the demolition contractors’ work. So, you do not need to apply for any additional permission and if required then the company professionals will help you to get the permission from the government in demolition contractors.

These companies employ trained professionals who are fully insured. So, if they meet an accident and suffer an injury or accident during the demolition contractors’ process then the contractors will have to take the responsibility and will also have to compensate for an injury as per the law.

Hire the Demolition Inc. and save the planet. We all know that global warming is a global issue. The world needs to procure the eco-friendly options to save the planet and this is possible only with green technology.

During the demolition contractors, a huge amount of garbage and breakage material gets accumulated and every Demolition Inc. must consider it his duty to get it cleaned in a proper manner. The Demolition Inc. is responsible for getting the waste recycled for further use.

They may conduct the demolition contractors’ work through the scientific procedures by employing the latest equipment for the job. Hire the responsible citizens as your Demolition Inc. and go green to save the planet.

These demolition contractors are well experienced and can demolish your home by involving all the safety equipment for the task and further conduct the work in a peaceful manner.

Having the expertise of our Demolition Inc. on your job site is absolutely necessary when you are planning your next big project. A quality Demolition Inc. will streamline the process and make sure that your project runs smoothly. We are licensed, bonded and insured for a wide variety of Demolition Inc. and environmental tasks. You can see all of our Demolition Inc. licensing information visiting our website

No matter what you need to be taken down we will work with your needs and timeline to get the job done. We are not only experienced in building demolition contractors; we also offer surgical interior Demolition Inc. services.

Our demolition process is environmentally friendly and complies with all standards. This track record of completing jobs the right way, on time and on a budget is why we are considered one of the best Demolition Inc. in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

We have the proper equipment for the job. We have everything from wrecking balls to sledgehammers and everything in between. We know that when considering a potential Demolition Inc. customers will want to know how we will complete the job of demolition contractors


Our selection of reliable and high quality tools enables us to be the most efficient and cost-effective contractors Demolition Inc. The company in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida and our client list shows we are one of the industry’s top demolition contractors.

Every neighborhood has a particular texture, made up of its buildings, their relationship to one another and to the spaces between them. In the best cases, found not only in historic neighborhoods in demolition contractors but also in many traditional neighborhoods in cities around the country, buildings and spaces form a harmonious whole or ensemble.

The buildings are not identical, but they share enough in Demolition Inc. the balance between buildings and open spaces, which urban designers refer to as the “rhythm” of buildings and spaces (or solids and voids), also contributes to this feeling of appropriateness.

In many areas, however, the harmonious texture that once existed has been impaired or compromised, or in some cases, may never have truly existed in demolition contractors.

 Buildings may have been demolished or destroyed over the years and replaced by Inc. compatible buildings, such as a gas station in the middle of a Victorian-era shopping street in demolition contractors, or a ranch house faced with aluminum siding in the middle of a block of large 1920s brick houses.

Parking lots or used car dealerships may appear on vacant lots between clusters of row houses in demolition contractors. In many parts of distressed older cities, so many houses have been abandoned and subsequently demolished that there is no residential texture left in demolition contractors. There are many blocks in cities like Detroit or Buffalo where only a handful of houses remain, standing in a sea of vacant land.

It is important to evaluate how demolishing a particular building will affect the texture of its block or area in demolition contractors, because the quality of that texture is an important factor in the stability and revitalization potential of the block and neighborhood. In a largely abandoned area, this is not likely to be an issue. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

In areas which still have a distinct? Tie texture in demolition contractors, however, particularly where that texture is widely perceived as contributing significantly to the neighborhood’s quality, it becomes an important consideration.

In such cases, despite the cost involved, stabilizing or “mothballing” vacant buildings for which a use is not currently available may be a sourcing strategy. In order to address these issues, it is important to have a planner or urban designer and a historic preservation professional, as well as residents of the neighborhood involved in the demolition contractor’s decision-making process in demolition contractors.

Characteristics of Controlled Contractors Demolition

Sudden Onset: In controlled contractor’s demolition, the onset of the collapse is sudden. One moment, the building is perfectly motionless; the next moment, it suddenly begins to collapse.

Straight Down: The building comes straight down, into, or at least close to, its own footprint, so that it does not harm the other buildings in contractors’ demolition. Almost Free-Fall Speed: Collapse at almost free-fall speed. This can occur because the supports for the lower floors are destroyed so that when the upper floors come down, they encounter no resistance. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Total Collapse: The building completely falls to ground level; contractor’s demolition. Sliced Steel: In controlled demolitions of steel-frame buildings, explosives are used to slice the steel columns and beams into pieces.

Pulverization of Concrete and Other Materials contractors’ demolition: Explosives will pulverize concrete and most other non-metallic substances into tiny particles. Dust Clouds: Dust clouds result when explosions eject the dust from the building with great energy.

Horizontal Ejections: Horizontal ejection of other materials, besides dust in contractors’ demolition. Demolition Rings: A series of small explosions run rapidly around a building in contractors’ demolition. Sounds Produced by Explosions: The use of explosives to induce collapses produces, of course, sounds caused by the explosions.

Molten Steel: If explosives were used to slice the steel columns there would be molten steel in the debris. No building collapse which fits all these criteria has ever collapsed due to anything other than Controlled Demolition. All of this 11 characteristic fit the falls of the three buildings at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

These buildings were WTC1, WTC2 (commonly known as the twin towers) and WTC7.

Detailed planning is required to install many explosive charges on the support structure of a building to be demolished. The explosions must be precisely timed. This requires a control system that actively sets of the explosions in a predetermined sequence contractors’ demolition. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

This implies that the destruction of the twin towers and building 7 was planned in advance and actively controlled during the demolition. Only professional demolition organizations have the ability to accomplish this. Security companies would need to cooperation during the installation of the explosives. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

As we know that every design of a building or a structure has a lifespan know as design life. The building is designed considering a span of life, say 80 -100 years. When this design life of the building is over, the structure is not safe for living and neighboring buildings.

There can be more reasons for the demolition of a building; old structures are to be replaced by new ones. The structure lost its stability or having any structural damage. Small structures are demolished to build big structures etc. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition: The word demolition means destruction, breaking down or removal. Demolition of the building is the process of dismantling or destroying of a structure after its life of serviceability by pre-planned and controlled methods. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Implosion: When explosives are used in the demolition of a building, it is termed as Implosion.

Building Demolition Process

Different steps are involved in the process of demolition of building structures which are:


Removal of hazardous materials

Preparation of plan

Safety measures

Surveying of Buildings for Demolition

Surveying means the study of different parameters of the structure and its surroundings.

There are two types of surveying are mainly conducted. They are

Building surveying

Structural surveying

  1. Building Surveying

In a survey of buildings for demolition, following process are carried out:

Types of construction material used

Usage of building prior and present during demolition

The presence of wastewater, hazardous materials, matters arising from toxic chemicals, flammable or explosive and radioactive materials, etc.

Drainage conditions and possible problems with water   pollution, flooding, and erosion

Shared facilities with adjoining building, including common staircases, partition walls

Adjoining pedestrian and vehicular traffic conditions

The sensitivity of neighborhood with respect to noise, dust, vibration and traffic impact

  1. Structural Surveying

In the structural survey, following process are involved in demolition:

The method of construction

The structural system and structural conditions of basements, underground tanks or underground vaults

The original structural system employed in the design

The condition of the building

Removal of Hazardous Materials

If hazardous materials like asbestos minerals, petroleum contamination, and radioactive metals are found in the investigation of the site for demolition. Specialized personals are called for the removal of the hazardous materials from the site prior to the demolition of the structure.

Preparation of Demolition Plan for Structures

A detailed demolition plan is made which illustrates the different process involved and they are:

The location of the building to be demolished

The distances from the building to be demolished to its adjacent buildings, streets, structures and significant street furniture

The structural support systems of the building

A plan showing the procedure for the demolition of the building; detailed sequence of demolishing structural members; and the method of demolition to be adopted

A plan showing all precautionary measures for the protection of the public including hoardings, covered walkways, catch platforms, catch fans, scaffolding, protective screens and safety nets. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Method of handling demolished building debris

Time required for the complete demolition process

Safety Measures during Demolition of Building Structures

All the workers, site supervisors, and engineers including plant and equipment operators are briefed with the potential hazards and process of demolitions.

All goods that are flammable are removed from the site unless it is used in the work involved. All the flammable materials like wood, timber, fuels etc. are stored in proper storage facilities. Firefighting appliances are stationed in the demolition site till the process is completed. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Due to the demolition of the structure, many problems are faced by the workers, such as. exposure to dust, chemical exposure, heat stress and ventilation, noise exposure, medical and first aid facilities, sanitation and occupational diseases. To overcome these problems suitable measures are undertaken. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Methods for Buildings and other Structures

There are two types of demolition methods used for buildings and structures

Non-explosive demolition

Explosive demolition

  1. Non-Explosive Demolition Method

It means the demolition of a structure done with some equipment without the use of any explosive. Different types of equipment used for the demolition activity are:

  1. a) Sledgehammer
  1. b) Excavators and Bulldozers

These are big machines uses to demolish a building of small sizes. They are used for excavation of soil or transferring of debris to trucks etc.

It is a small handheld hammer used for the demolition of a small wall or a single column.

  1. c) Wrecking Balls

The building with the greater height up to (6-7 story) cannot be demolished with the help of excavators or bulldozers.  In such cases, crane with wrecking balls is used to perform the demolition activity. The wrecking ball crack is crack attached with a huge steel ball hanging from a steel rope. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The steel ball is pulled and released towards the building. The steel ball with force strikes the building and the part of the building is demolished. This method is not recommended as the trajectory of the steel ball cannot be controlled after it strikes the structure. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

  1. d) High Reach Excavators

High Reach Excavator machines are used in the demolition of a tall building where demolition by the explosion is not possible. The building of height up to 300ft can be demolished by this type of machine.

High reach excavators can be used for different use by doing some attachments such as:

Excavators with shear attachments; excavators with shear attachments

Hydraulic hammers; Hydraulic hammers and remove steel reinforcement.

Explosive Demolition Method for Building Structures

Implosion Method of Building Demolition

Implosion is the process of demolition of a building using explosives. If the supports of the building are removed, the structure collapses.

Using implosion technique, the main supports of the buildings such as column’s, beams and slab are fixed with explosives. When these explosives are detonated, the column collapse and so is the structure. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Depending on how the structure falls, there are two types of implosion:

  1. a) Falling like a tree

In this type of implosion, the building is made to fall like a tree to the sideward. This is the commonly used type of implosion. When free space is available besides the building, this type of demolition is prescribed.

If the free space is available on the left side of the building, the explosives are set on the lower level of the building on the left side columns. As the explosives are detonated, the columns bursts, the building tends to fall towards the left side. Steel cables are tied to the building to control the falling direction of the building. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

  1. b) Falling into its own footprint

When the free spaces are not available around the building and the structure around the building are to be protected. This type of demolition is used. In this type of demolition, explosives are set on the floor below the middle part of the building. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

These explosives are to be heavy as the explosion must demolish the building at once. If one-part blast and followed by another. Then the building falls towards the first blasted part. So only fewer companies in the world are experienced in this type of demolition.

As the explosions are detonated, the upper part of building destroys and falls upon the lower building. Due to the heavy load and force, the lower part of the building also collapses and falls on its own footprint. Demolition Inc Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

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