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Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Green Demolitions. In general, green demolition service involves recycling as many demolished building materials as possible. Everything from pipes to flooring can be recycled if the proper steps are taken by the demolition company. Although earth-friendly demolition appears to cost more up front, many contractors find they can earn back landfill and tax credits by going green.

Beyond the above basic definition, some cities have set specific requirements for green demolition as in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida. San Diego, for instance, will not refund contractors’ license deposits unless they recycle at least 50 percent of their construction waste. Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

So, how can you tell if a demolition company is truly green in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida? Well, LEED certification is a good place to start. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an international standard for green construction. To earn LEED certification, a building project must meet guidelines in a variety of areas, from lighting to energy efficiency to construction quality. In terms of demolition service requirements, LEED certified demolition companies can help by recycling clients’ concrete on-site. This can help building projects earn points toward LEED certification.

Many companies in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida areas has been practicing “Green” demolition techniques. They immediately recognized the environmental, social, and economical value driven from the proper remediation, segregation, and recycling of all debris generated from demolition projects long before the recent trends.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that America generates over 135 million tons of construction and demolition debris annually; approximately 70% is demolition debris. The companies in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida make every effort to remediate, salvage, and recycle as much material as possible from project sites. The company’s focus is to remediate environmental contamination of materials to minimize the quantity sent to landfills. During this process, materials are salvaged for reuse and processed for recycling. The land is also restored and returned to its closest possible natural state.

Companies’ innovative demolition practices and procedures are designed to produce the optimal dismantling methods for segregation of materials. Prior to a project start, an engineering survey is conducted and a site-specific plan is developed. This plan addresses all known environmental, social, and safety related elements and assists to determine the appropriate demolition means and methods to employ in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida area.

The first step in a typical demolition process is to implement environmental and safety control methods. These methods are designed to ensure the safety of the workers, the public, and the environment. The next step is to abate all environmental hazards. Once that has been completed, items and equipment that can be reused or have historical value are salvaged in an asset recovery effort. The next step is to remove all general construction debris that cannot be salvaged for reuse or recycling. The structure is then dismantled following optimal methods to segregate the materials. Once the materials have been segregated, they are processed and diverted to the appropriate reuse/recycling destinations. Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Although these efforts may seem extraordinary, Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida acknowledges the benefits of these “Green” demolition practices. The majority of people have an impression that demolition is done by the methods of either implosion or “smash and bash” which reduces structures into huge piles of debris. It is then assumed that the debris is sent to landfills. Miami defies these perceptions and typically exceeds the requirements of many “Green” efforts. And in the area of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida will continue to develop new markets, equipment, and methods to assist in achieving the maximum level of “green” demolition.

Recycling is a costly process, which is why it’s the last of the “three Rs” reduce, reuse and recycle. Reducing requires advanced planning because it involves paying attention to the dimensions of the materials you’ll need so you can get by without throwing out too much excess. This is especially true with cardboard, drywall, and wood, the three most used construction materials. Reusing might be the most important of the three. All of the following materials can be reused in later projects if harvested properly:

  • Wood floors and beams
  • Windows and doors
  • Fixtures and appliances
  • Tiles and carpeting
  • Aluminum siding
  • Roofing materials
  • Pipes
  • Bricks

Green demolition takes time and also costs about $10,000 more per job than traditional demolition, but you can save money on landfill charges and also get tax credits if you donate some of the materials. In addition, if you want your company to be LEED certified according to the United States Green Building Council standards, you’ll need to use green demolition. Green Demolitions Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

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