Excavation Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida Demolition Company

Excavation Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Excavation Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Excavation Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Excavation is the process of moving earth, rock or other materials with tools, equipment or explosives. It includes earthwork, trenching, wall shafts, tunneling, and underground. Excavation has a number of important applications including exploration, environmental restoration, mining, and construction. Among these, construction is one of the most common applications.

Is used in construction to create building foundations, reservoirs, and roads. Some of the different processes used in excavation include trenching, digging, dredging and site development. Each of these processes requires unique techniques, tools and machinery to get the job done right. The processes used will depend on the structure that will result from the construction process.

Before the excavation process can begin, the site must be carefully examined to make sure that the natural habitat and artifacts surrounding are persevered throughout excavation. Next, the plans for the size and depth of the site are made and the excavation company makes drawings from them to clearly mark the excavation site’s boundaries. Once these two important steps have been taken, the excavation work can begin.

 The entire excavation process includes:

  • Setting out corner benchmarks
  • Surveying ground and top levels
  • Excavation to the approved depth
  • Dressing the loose soil
  • Making up to cut off level
  • The construction of dewatering wells and interconnecting trenches
  • Making boundaries of the building
  • The construction of protection bunds and drains

Excavation construction is used during the construction process of almost every structure we encounter throughout our lives. It is used to build the foundation for the construction of homes, roadways, and buildings and creates reservoirs like lakes and pools that house some of our favorite summer activities. It is also relied upon for the mining of precious metals and minerals. Excavation facilitates the construction process and helps our important structures be built to their fullest potential by providing increased control over the job location. The cities of Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, have an increasing demand for excavation construction due to the economic growth of the construction field in this cities.

Excavators prefer to describe their service as “space creation.” A client has a space that cannot be put to good use because of obstacles or defects. The excavator removes those obstacles in order to give the client the opportunity to make the best use of their available space. Some of the services an excavation company may offer include:

Tight access excavation: In spaces where a bulldozer or other heavy equipment can’t do the job, an excavation company has the tools and expertise to create space even in tight situations.

Demolition: If an old shed or another structure is preventing you from adding on a garage or pool, an excavator can quickly demolish and remove it. He can then do the excavation work needed to provide a firm foundation for your new construction.

Rock breaking: There’s a huge boulder in your backyard. You’ve lived with it for years and even tried to make a feature of it by planting some flowers around its perimeter, but you’ve always wished it wasn’t there. An excavation specialist can break it up and remove it for you.

Backyard clear-outs: No job is too big or small for excavation specialists. If your backyard is an overgrown mess filled with unwanted bushes and other debris, they can come in and do in hours what would take you back-breaking days or weeks of toil to accomplish.

Drainage: An excavation service can help you with all of your drainage problems, large or small.

Excavation Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Excavation Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Construction excavation requires experience, skill and close attention to detail as it deals with large structures and creates the foundation for the entire project. Heavy industrial contractors use advanced techniques, tools and heavy machinery to make sure that the job is done right. Hiring a heavy industrial contractor to complete large excavation projects will yield the best results. Get your project started by looking into the heavy industrial contractors that service your area.

You will want to take note of their reputations and values on safety to narrow down your list to the top in the industry. Selecting a heavy industrial contractor who values safety, is known for quality work and has experience in excavation construction will yield the best results for your large excavation project.

If you’re located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida, you don’t have to look any further, because Allied Demolition, Inc. has been the number 1 demolitions company in the greater South Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Caribbean over 30 years of commitment and hard work to achieve our customer’s goals with the best quality that we can offer for your demolition or excavation project. Ok is not enough for us! We prefer excellent!

Every job that we do in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida, follows the mission of this demolition company which is a commitment to providing quality demolition services with our advanced equipment and well-training employees who are quite trustworthy and experienced demolitions professional that have been with Allied Demolition, Inc. for many years. As a result of this, we have become an established, trusted company, reputed throughout Miami city, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida for our commitment to quality, safety, and integrity.

Our experience and meticulousness have led our demolition company to complete some of the most challenging and dangerous commercial demolition jobs in the Miami-Dade area, Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida with precision and safety. Our ability to create “turn-key” solutions has made us a dependable company for all projects, no matter the complexity of the job or how big it is, we bring it down!

Allied Demolition, Inc. also is committed to our community by providing environmentally safe, green services. We strive to minimize the effects of demolition on the environment, by cleaning up debris, always recycling resources, and providing a clear job site for future developers.

We are available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and the Caribbean.

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