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Demolition contractors Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition contractors is a complex set of tasks involving structural dismantlement, site clearance, environmental remediation, salvage, recycling, and industrial recovery.

Demolition is a highly sophisticated craft which involves the use of hydraulic equipment with specialized attachments, cranes, loaders, wrecking balls and in some cases explosives.

Demolition contractors Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition contractors Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

But, you may ask if demolition is a regulated industry in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, so, you should know that demolition contractors are some of the most regulated construction industry professionals. As they are working on structures that are often damaged by fire, weather, or structural deficiency, most demolition projects require permit review by local municipal building departments.

As demolition contractors handle hazardous materials and toxic substances there is a host of municipal, state and federal environmental regulations that govern the industry’s operations. As demolition is a dynamic craft and contractors are dealing with a variety of structures, the industry’s health and safety regulations are very strong. Many states have their own health & safety rules and the Federal Government’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA).

In general, there are a number of good reasons to hire a demolition contractor in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida if you need it. Depending on whether you require industrial, commercial, residential, or pool demolition services, each type will have differing reasons for hiring a competent demolition subcontractor.

First and foremost, you want to hire a demolition contractor for their ability to safely execute demolition work on your behalf. Generally, demolition and wrecking contractors complete your project safely and cost effectively and make it ready for future (near term) construction or other improvements.

The reasons for hiring are as follows:

  1. To provide the many types of specialized equipment needed to competently and effectively perform demolition work: excavators, skid steers, hydraulic hammers, multi-processor attachments, and metal shear attachments. A good wrecking contractor could easily have $500,000 to $5,000,000 or more invested in this specialized equipment. You pay them to “rent” their specialized equipment, highly skilled operators, and knowledge of how to wreck buildings in the safe and effective way.
  2. To provide trucking, hauling, and disposal on a scale that most residential owners would not have available. They can bring a ready supply of dump trucks – 10-wheelers and Super 10’s. They can also supply larger capacity trucks and trailers such end dumps or side dump trailers. Both dump truck and end dump style truck are used to move the debris from demolition offsite, including C&D (the wood and other materials that make up the debris from a house), as well as, concrete debris from slabs and driveways in and around your house.
  3. To remove a home, guest house, garage, landscape or hardscape structure, or to remove debris and other unwanted materials from your property to make room for other uses, such as, removing a garage or other ancillary structure, to make way for new improvements such as a new guest house, or new landscape structure.
  4. To remove a swimming pool (yes, this can be done) to recover the space in your backyard (or courtyard if you own apartments) to make way for new improvements such as a new guest house, or new landscape structure.
  5. To remove materials such as concrete, asphalt, and other bulky materials that require heavy equipment such as excavators, track loaders, and skid steers that can move the materials effectively.

When you need demolition something and you live in the area of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, you should take certain factors into account in selecting contractors and consultants, such as:

  • Experience. It is important to consider the amount and type of experience of the contractors and consultants you are considering for work. Here are some approaches:
  • Get references from those who hired them for similar work in the past.
  • Talk to those who used a particular contractor in the past.
  • Find out how a contractor responded to complaints about their work, such as complaints from neighbors about noise or dust.
  • Consider the level of experience, training and the certifications or licenses held by the contractor/consultant and their employees.
  • Past experience doing work in your area may be an important consideration because of the value of familiarity with local conditions, local building practices, building materials commonly used in the local area, local requirements.

Compliance history

Check on past performance with:

  • your local pollution controls agency
  • the agency responsible for worker safety
  • the agency that licenses or accredits contractors and workers (if applicable for the work being done)

Ask if the firm has been warned or cited for any health and safety or environmental issues or violations. Find out if they have ever taken any other action against the contractor or consultant for those types of issues.

Demolition contractors Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition contractors Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida


Require bidders to have any required licenses or accreditation.


If the selected contractor uses subcontractors

  • Will you have any control over whom they choose?
  • How will you perform oversight on subcontractors’ work?
  • Is subcontracting addressed in your bid documents and contracts, or in whatever written agreement you use to procure their services?

Conflict of interest

Avoid conflicts of interest (potential or actual). The contractor you hire to assess an environmental issue (e.g. asbestos) should not be connected with the company that performs that remediation or abatement work. Using two different companies avoids conflict of interest.

The person who assesses the environmental problem should not stand to benefit financially from any work done to resolve the problem, so that you can be assured of a fair assessment.

Oversight of contractors and consultants of Miami Fort Lauderdale is so important too; because, when a local government hires contractors to provide services, it is still liable for violations of environmental regulations.

Oversight is important because:

  • it protects the public
  • it protects the environment
  • it ensures that you’re getting the services you paid for
  • it ensures that the work complies with regulatory requirements

Even if you’re a local government using your own employees, oversight can be useful.

  • Do you have staff with the necessary skills to oversee work such as asbestos abatement or lead paint removal?
  • Do they have any specialized training and safety equipment they will need to enter enclosed spaces where the work is done?
  • Do you have enough staff to oversee multiple demolition projects that are happening at the same time?

Asbestos abatement and demolition at a single residential structure can take place in a very short time, so you’ll need to be able to oversee such work during the brief time periods when it is taking place.

Oversight can be very broad. Stakeholders may be concerned about work that contractors are doing. You should oversee how contractors are working with the local community to prevent problems and address concerns.

If residents complain directly to the contractor about noise or dust, for example, how will you as local government respond? Your community will look to local government to be accountable for all aspects of a large-scale residential demolition project.

You could also hire a third party (e.g. an industrial hygienist) to oversee work being done by contractors you’ve hired. To avoid conflict of interest, it’s important that any third party is independent of the contractors whose work they’re overseeing.

Well, normally in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida your general contractor hires the demolition contractor.  Unless you’ve taken on general contractor duties and decided to build your own home on a lot that already has a home you will never work with the demolition people.

Demolition contractors have equipment no one else has.  Big dump trucks, claw and jackhammer attachments for their BIG backhoe and lots of other demolition equipment.  Oh, and experience.  The Demo people are not going break gas, power and water lines.  They’re careful, which is a good thing because demolition can kill people.  If you’re going to tear down a home, it’s a really good idea to use them.

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