All Demolition Services Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida Demolition Company

All Demolition Services Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

All Demolition Services. Demolition is the tearing-down of buildings and other structures. Demolition contrasts with deconstruction, which involves taking a building apart while carefully preserving valuable elements for re-use.

For small buildings, such as houses, that are only two or three stories high, demolition is a rather simple process. The building is pulled down either manually or mechanically using large hydraulic equipment: elevated work platforms, cranes, excavators or bulldozers. Larger buildings may require the use of a wrecking ball, a heavy weight on a cable that is swung by a crane into the side of the buildings. Wrecking balls are especially effective against masonry but are less easily controlled and often less efficient than other methods. Newer methods may use rotational hydraulic shears and silenced rock-breakers attached to excavators to cut or break through wood, steel, and concrete. The use of shears is especially common when flame cutting would be dangerous.

All Demolition Services Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

All Demolition Services Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

A demolition service is a fantastic business venture to set in motion–not the traditional large-scale demolition service, but a small demolition service that specializes in residential and commercial renovation projects. What makes this a great business opportunity is simple: Contractors and renovation companies typically will carry out the demolition needed to get started on the rebuilding process involved with a renovation.

The problem, however, is the fact that these companies are often forced to pay overqualified carpenters’ huge salaries for doing the demolition work that could be completed by laborers receiving a much lower hourly rate. The results often mean fewer revenues and profits for the contractor. Herein lies the business opportunity: Forming a crew of construction laborers and subcontracting for renovation companies and contractors for the demolition work has the potential to pay off big.

En Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, there are companies which  have a broad range of capabilities in all demolition services, civil works and excavation for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

As experienced residential and commercial demolition contractors, they have the capacity to perform demolition applications in all from small homes up to five-storey commercial buildings. Whether you require large-scale industrial demolition or part-demolition to make way for home renovations, we can help.

Their exterior and interior demolition services also include:

  • Excavating the area underneath the removed building
  • Removing and disposing of all materials from the building and excavation

All demolition services are performed in accordance with:

  • Demolition of Structures Australian Standards 2601 – 1991
  • Building Regulations 1994
  • Building Act 1993
  • Codes of Practice OHS Act 1985

The companies in Miami Fort Lauderdale are also fully licensed and fully insured, giving you peace of mind on all your exterior and interior demolition services.

Service to match the skill

En Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, they place great emphasis on the experience of the client. Their commercial and residential demolition contractors work systematically to ensure that every job is completed safely, on time, on a budget, and with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Their team has worked with a variety of building structures, materials, and in a wide range of spaces. They use the knowledge and experience they have gained to their clients’ advantage, giving expert consultation on the best approach to your project.

To be more specific, en Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, many companies offer a wide variety of demolition services including the removal of commercial, industrial and residential buildings as well as interior strip outs, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, underground tank removal, plant dismantlement and many other types of structures.

The following descriptions outline specific differences between the various demolition services the companies can offer in the area of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida:

  • Implosion.

Implosion is the most spectacular form of demolition. Complete destruction is achieved by locating and eliminating key support columns with precision-timed dynamite and steel charges.

  • Conventional Demolition.

Conventional Demolition is the most familiar type of demolition. they expertly use ball and cranes, a fleet of track hoes, front-end loaders, backhoes, and heavy equipment, as well as man-and-crowbar, which are all traditional methods of conventional demolition. their employees are experts at removing any structure with the highest degree of safety.

  • Concrete Removal.

The most difficult task is the removal of concrete. they are trained specialists in this arena. Underground structures, sometimes massive, can complicate what visibly appears to be routine.

  • Environmental Procedures.
All Demolition Services Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

All Demolition Services Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

They have a “Competent Person” on the site per state regulations. The state requires that a supervisor trained and qualified as a “Competent Person” be on site to identify any potential asbestos hazards, thereby protecting the employees on site, the public and the building from any contamination. Asbestos surveys must be taken on all nonresidential structures to obtain demolition permits. They are aware of the owner’s environmental concerns and can identify, evaluate and assist in resolving most environmental issues.

  • Interior Demolition.

Most often referred to as strip-outs. Interior demolition is mandated when the superstructure is to remain intact. All interior non-load bearing walls, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and other structural elements are removed as specified, leaving the remaining structure to be renovated for newer, more profitable use.

  • Partial Structure Demolition.

A portion of the building remains intact while the unwanted section is discarded, allowing new space for other uses.

  • Residential Demolition.

We routinely perform residential demolition and removal. They have removed thousands of houses ranging from single-family dwellings to an entire city block and urban renewal projects in the mid-South area.

  • Industrial Demolition and Plant Dismantlement.

Their expertise is not limited to structural demolition and removal. They know dismantlement and removal of industrial plant facilities. Heavy industrial equipment can be removed, dismantled or relocated so it can be reused elsewhere.

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