Demolition Building Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Building Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Building Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition Building Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Allie Demolition, Inc. also is committe to our community by providing environmentally safe, green services. Demolition Building in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. We strive to minimize the effects of demolition on the environment, by cleaning up debris, always recycling resources, and providing a clear job site for future developers. We are available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, South Florida counties and the Caribbean. Call us now for a free quote (305) 513 4994.

Demolition building Method in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

In many circumstances in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, buildings and structures should be demolishe in the reverse order to their erection; although where partial demolition is involve, a more careful evaluation of the nature of the effects of the demolition is necessary. Normally, the demolition contractor is able to adopt a method or technique of work which: Gradually reuces the height of the building; or Arranges the deliberately controlle collapse of the building or structure so that work can be complete at ground level.

Demolition Technique Selection

The choice of demolition technique will depend on the nature of the building or structure and its environment, in this case, is in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida. Risks to the public, operatives involve in the demolition process and adjacent structures and buildings should be considere. Demolition building techniques may be categorize as:

  • Piecemeal demolition, using hand-held tools

The Mechanical method by Hydraulic crusher with Long Boom arm, Wrecking Ball, Pusher Arm, Wire Rope Pulling, Clam Shell.

  • Other Methods like Non-Explosive Demolition Agent, Explosive Demolition, saw cutting, Cutting, and Lifting, Water Jet.
  • Piecemeal Demolition (Demolition by Hand):
  • For demolitions of reinforce concrete buildings by hand, tools such as electric, pneumatic breakers, jackhammers etc., are commonly being use
  • Oxy-acetylene torch could be use to cut the reinforcements.
  • The reinforcements shall remain until all the concrete connecting to or supporte by therein for cement is broken away or when its supports are no longer require.
  • Cantilever canopies, balconies, and exterior walls are critical elements in building demolition.
  • In congeste areas, these features could critically impact on the safety of the public.

Demolition of these features shall be performe with extreme caution.

  • If rope or tie wires are use to pull down the structural elements, the pulling wire must be at least 4 times stronger than the anticipate pulling force. In addition, workers of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida shall be shielde from the rope or tie wires. The rope or ties wire shall be checke at least twice per day.
  • Lifting appliances may be necessary to hold larger structural members during cutting and for lowering severe structural members and other debris.
  • Chutes may be use to discharge debris into a vehicle or hopper.
  • Foundations would normally be grubbe up by excavation machines.
  • Demolition sequence shall be determine according to actual site conditions, restraints, the building layout, the structural layout and its construction.

In general, the following sequence shall apply in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida:

  • Demolition Building Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

    Demolition Building Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

    All cantilevere structures, canopies, verandahs and features attache to the external walls shall first be demolishe prior to demolition of the main building and its internal structures on each floor.

  • When demolishing the roof structure, all lift machine rooms, and water tanks at high level shall be demolishe in “top down” sequence to the main roof level.
  • Demolition of the floor slabs shall begin at mid span and work towards the supporting beams.
  • Floor beams shall be demolishe in the order as follows: Cantilevere beams; secondary beams; The main beams. In the case when structural stability of beams is affecte, e.g., due to loss of restraints, the affecte beams shall be proppe prior to loss of support or restraint; Non-load bearing walls shall be remove prior to demolition of load bearing walls; Columns and load-bearing walls shall be demolishe after removal of beams on top; If site conditions permit, the first floor slab directly above the ground floor may be demolishe by machine sitting on ground level and mounte with demolition accessories.

Mechanical Demolition building use in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida:

  • Mechanical demolition generally involves the use of large machinery with attachment to dismantle the building from outside.
  • The common mechanical methods include the use of a Hydraulic crusher with long Boom arm, Wrecking Ball, pusher arm, wire rope, clam shell etc…
  • These methods shall only be applie to isolate buildings on the relatively flat ground.
  • If it is attache to another structure, the two properties should be separate by the use of hand methods before the main demolition process begins.

Concerns and good practices of the mechanical demolition in Miami fort Lauderdale Florida generally include the following:

The machine shall be operate on smooth and firm ground in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

It shall also have adequate counter-weight to prevent overturning during the operation;

The equipment and accessories such as attachments and rope shall be inspecte frequently and shall be repaire or replace whenever necessary;

The impact of the collapse structural sections on the floor or ground shall be checke to prevent the potential overloading of the suspende floor, vibration, and disturbance to adjacent properties and damage to underground utilities;

The site shall have full-time security to prevent unauthorize personnel entering the site. No person shall stay within the working area of the machine and the building while the machine is operating.

Sufficient water spray or other anti-dust precautions shall be provide to minimize air pollution by dust;

The cab of the machine shall be equippe with impact proofe glass and its construction shall be robust enough to protect the operator from flying debris;

A spot person shall be on site full time to provide guidance and assistance to the operator in the demolition process.

Demolition Sequence in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

In general, the following sequence shall apply in the area of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida:

  1. a) Prior to demolition of internal floors, all cantilevere slabs and beams, canopies, and verandahs shall first be demolishe.
  2. b) The structural elements, in general, shall be demolishe in the following sequence:- Slab;- Secondary beams; then- Main beams.
  3. c) Mechanical plant shall descend from the floors with temporary access ramp, or be lowere to the next floor by lifting machinery or by other appropriate means;
  4. d) When a mechanical plant has just descende from the floor above, the slabs and beams, in two consecutive floors may be demolishe by the mechanical plant simultaneously. The mechanical plant may work on structural elements on the same floor and break up the slabs on the floor above;
  5. e) The wall panel, including beams and columns, shall be demolishe by gradually breaking down the concrete or by pulling them down in a controlle manner. Demolition Building Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Hydraulic crusher with Long Boom arm in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

  1. The crusher attachment breaks the concrete and the reinforcement by the hydraulic thrust through the long boom arm system.
  2. The hydraulic crusher can be operate from the ground outside the building.
  3. This method is also suitable for dangerous buildings, silos, and other industrial facilities.
  4. For the environmental reason, it should be use wherever practicable because of its quietness.
  5. Application Criteria
  6. The operation shall have a minimum clear space of 1/2 the building height as a safety zone for the falling debris;
  7. The equipment shall be inspecte and maintaine periodically to make sure the equipment is in good and safe condition.
  8. The excavator shall operate on firm ground that can support the machine during the crusher operation;
  9. Except for special applications, each section of the structure shall be demolishe in a top-down sequence to ensure stability of the structure; Demolition Building Fort Lauderdale Florida.


  • Debris may be use to build up a platform for the excavator to extend the range of reach. It is important that the debris is densely compacte to support the operation of the excavator. The platform must be flat and the slope must be stable. The height of the buildup platform shall be limite to 3 m. The side slope of the temporary platform shall not be steeper than 1:1 (horizontal to vertical) unless the condition allows a steeper slope. The slope of an access ramp for the machine shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • To minimize the dust impact, the structure shall be pre-soake with water before demolition. Water shall be continuously spraye during the crushing operation; Demolition Building Fort Lauderdale Florida.
  • Debris may fall out of the building during the demolition. The site shall be completely fence off. There shall be 24-hour guarde security to allow only authorize personnel for site access. During the operation of the crusher there shall be no worker within the machine operating area or inside the building;
  • The crusher operator shall possess the essential skills and significant experience in the crusher operation. There shall be a spot person to assist in the operation and alert the operator of any potential problem during the operation. Demolition Building Fort Lauderdale Florida.
  • Wrecking Ball: The wrecking ball application consists of a crane equippe with a steel ball. The destruction of the building is by the impact energy of the steel ball suspende from the crawler crane. The wrecking ball operates outside the building. This method is suitable for dilapidate buildings, silos, and other industrial facilities. However, the operation requires substantial clear space. The application also demands high-level skill operators and well-maintaine equipment. Demolition Building Fort Lauderdale Florida.


Demolition by clam shell typically involves the use of a crane equippe with a clamshell attachment which progressively bites away the structure. Special conditions for clam shell are liste in the following:

  1. a) A minimum safety distance of 0.5 times the height of the building element being demolishe shall be maintaine between the machine and the building during the operation;
  2. b) The process of biting off the structural elements shall begin from the top and progress downwards; and
  3. c) The clam shell shall be operate not less than 1 m above the structure being demolishe.

Other Methods of Demolition use in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida.

  • Non-Explosive Demolition Agent (NEDA) is a static demolition agent. When the reaction takes place in a confine drill hole, the NEDA generates an expansive pressure to crack and break concrete and stone.70. The NEDA is a suitable application in a restrictive environment where noise, flying debris and vibration are less tolerate. Drilling pattern shall first be designe. For large projects, test breaking shall be performe. It can be use to cut concrete slabs and wall elements into segments. An entire building may be dismantle by saw cutting. Saw cutting generally includes conventional disc saw and chain saw, diamond core stitch drilling and wire saw in Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • .Wire Saw Cutting comprises a special steel wire often impregnate with diamond beads to increase its cutting ability. The wire saw method is a suitable application for projects that require precision and total control of demolition work. A hole shall first be pre-drille for the passage of the diamond wire, the wire cutting operation follows. Because of its flexibility, it may be use for “hard to reach” areas. In Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Diamond Core Stitch Drilling may be adopte to cut concrete elements by continuously coring a set of holes to carve up the concrete structure. The thickness of the concrete to be cut depends on the depth of the drilling or coring equipment. Diamond core stitch drilling is particularly suitable for the removal of existing pile cap for the construction of large diameter bore pile foundation. Demolition Building Fort Lauderdale Florida.


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