Commercial demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Commercial demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Commercial demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Companies of Demolition, in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, provides an ample range of demolition options to fit every scale project. The utmost knowledge and care are taken with the latest and best technology, all staff is highly trained in the machinery we use to ensure a safe and productive experience. Companies of Demolition in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida have a reputation for providing value for money services. They are flexible and tailor projects according to their valued client’s needs; each step they take for the entirety of the project is in the interest of safety, proficiency and time.

At Demolitions have all the recourses and skills for large scale projects. Commercial demolition in Victoria is on the rise and they are the leaders in the industry. Larger projects won’t diminish our little niceties, will still get to know the client and guarantee the best care and safety for workers and the public. The only change is the size of their equipment; the larger building may require wrecking balls, rotational hydraulic shears, silenced rock-breakers, shears or flame cutting. But let them worry about that all you need to know is that they strive to have every project finished on time, on budget and to the highest standards. Commercial projects require an eye for detail and care to make sure no surrounding infrastructure is damaged, with their resources and track record you know their will deliver.

Industrial Demolition in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The professional team of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida can take care of any industrial demolition needs. Their highly trained staff can clear contaminated sites, perform excavations and other earthmoving needs. Their equipment and machines are precision to make your industrial project an ease. They will clean up the site and remove any waste from the demolition process, leaving you with a safe, clear area to commence work.

Environment demolition in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Demolition is generally the tearing-down of buildings and other structures but at Demolitions in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, the professionals know there may be more organic matter standing in your path. That’s why there also specialize in environmental demolition, this as anything from a stubborn stump in the yard to earth removal for a full-scale yard makeover. Their preserve the surrounding elements and only demolish what you want going.

Other Services in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

  • Asbestos Removal
  • Soil Removal
  • Site Clean Up
  • Concrete Removal
  • Builder Clean
  • Earthmoving
  • Excavation

Tips from a Commercial Demolition Company

Residential demolition contractors can learn a few things from contractors who tear down large commercial buildings

Tips from a Commercial Demolition Company

Residential demolition contractors can learn a few things from contractors who tear down large commercial buildings

Commercial demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Commercial demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The demolition in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida of a building is a carefully orchestrated, thoroughly researched affair. Demolition contractors must be conscientious about both employee safety and environmental safety, or else risk losing their business licenses. Just like general contractors, demolition experts are required to follow OSHA standards for employee safety. And demolition firms must also abide by EPA standards guiding environmentally safe deconstruction techniques. Hazardous construction materials, such as asbestos, must be safely removed before a building can be demolished.

Some forward-thinking demolition companies are exceeding government standards and are finding innovative new ways to reuse old building materials, rather than sending them straight to the landfill. Because they have a unique perspective on how to best take down buildings, commercial demolition experts can teach residential contractors quite a bit about material selection, building methods and more.

Focusing on the eco-friendly lessons of demolition has a definite cost-value for residential builders, who have seen a spike in consumer demand for green construction. Cradle-to-cradle building techniques that anticipate green demolition down the road can contribute points to LEED certification-friendly building. The following is a look at some of the things industrial demolition contractors urge residential builders to keep in mind in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Limiting exposure to dangerous chemicals

Of course, residential building contractors are aware of the dangers of asbestos, lead and other hazardous materials in home construction. No new homes contain these toxins, but it’s not unusual for residential contractors to be hired for retrofitting work to bring an older home up to code. Here are a few examples of irritating but not illegal hazards residential construction workers could see while working in older buildings of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida:

Synthetic mineral fibers (SMF). These are fibrous products made from ceramic, fiberglass and rock wool. Studies have found that SMFs aren’t as noxious as asbestos, so they are still used in sound and thermal protection products. Irritation to the eyes, nose and throat is the most common symptom of SMF exposure, but some question whether SMFs could also cause lung cancer since they sometimes contain fiberglass. Industrial demolition experts recommend requiring workers to wear respirators and protective clothing when SMF contact is possible.

Wood dust containing formaldehyde. This wood dust can become stuck in the nasal passages when inhaled, and it is thought to have caused nasal cancer in some woodworkers. Wood paneling and particleboard sometimes contains the toxic substance formaldehyde; when the wood is cut or otherwise manipulated, formaldehyde-laced dust is sent into the air, posing a major risk for nearby workers. For this reason, demolition contractors in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida recommend wearing protective respiration gear when dealing with particleboard and paneling.

Lead paint. One hazard that’s frequently overlooked is the danger of torching steel beams that have been painted with lead paint. Simply cutting a few painted beams can expose a builder to airborne lead levels that are off the charts. In these cases, OSHA requires workers to be provided with respirators, protective clothing and hand washing stations.

These are only a few of the materials demolition companies must carefully monitor and prepare for when taking down buildings. Indeed, OSHA has an entire set of standards for demolition procedures. If your team isn’t confident in this area, consider consulting with a commercial demolition professional of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida. A longstanding demolition company will have wide-ranging experience in taking down everything from air traffic control towers to factories. Their experts can provide unique insight into how to best remove chemical hazards.

Fall protection in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Because demolition companies are in the business of tearing things up and creating holes in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, they’re acutely aware of the importance of fall protection. When working around any hole, open wall or open roof with a fall greater than 6 feet, demolition workers are typically required to wear full body restraints. These same hazards are often present during the construction phase, as well, which means fall protection is just as important for builders.

Recycling concrete, steel and other materials in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Green industrial demolition contractors know what may be recycled from a defunct building. This information can come in handy when residential builders are selecting earth-friendly building materials. From a commercial demolition perspective, the materials listed below can effectively be recycled upon demolition. In fact, with disposal costs as high as they are, it’s often worthwhile to pay for the labor it takes to separate them out.

Concrete. A single demolition project can yield tons of concrete. Fortunately, this concrete may be crushed into gravel, a high-demand material in new building projects. Some industrial demolition contractors even employ enormous, mobile concrete crushers that can easily process all concrete on-site.

Steel. With the right equipment and expertise, steel and other scrap metals can be processed for recycling into new products.

Interior doors and beams. Wood doors, posts, and beams in good condition can often be sold or reused – there are plenty of architectural salvage companies that are interested in these types of materials. If the condition is too poor for reuse, the wood can be recycled.

Sinks and toilets. Again, if they’re in good condition, these fixtures can usually be reclaimed by an architectural salvage company. Otherwise, porcelain models can be recycled with the concrete, while stainless steel fixtures can be recycled with the other scrap metals.

Construction and demolition are the two ends of a building’s lifecycle, so it makes sense that those responsible for each phase would have plenty to teach each other. If your contracting crew could use an injection of fresh building knowledge, consider learning from a demolition expert of   Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is much more than just wrecking buildings, it is an art, and much more surgical than people think. That is why it is important to work with a company of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida that knows the ins and outs of commercial demo and can assure you the best possible results, no matter what the job. Luckily, if you’re anywhere in or around Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, you have access to the best in the business.

Demo jobs involving commercial buildings rarely occur in an open field. They have the knowledge and experience of extracting buildings even in the tightest of spaces. Whether it means removing just part of a large structure like a mall or a strip center or, a complete tear down in a highly dense metropolitan area, in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida you have your demolition covered.

They have a huge portfolio of jobs that have included grocery stores, hotels, warehouses, office buildings and many other commercial spaces. Each job is a little different and we utilize the best techniques for the project at hand. However, in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida always strive for the following:

Precision Removal

The team of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida state-of-the-art demolition equipment, paired with their certified heavy equipment operators, means that they can demolish and remove all types of commercial buildings with a level of precision unsurpassed by our competitors. Equipment such as hydraulic excavators, outfitted with shears and hammers, allow us to perform our scope of work without damaging other buildings nearby—even if they are connected.

Minimizing Impact

With every job we complete, they give a little extra effort and attention to our company’s carbon footprint and the impact we have on the environment of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida. They understand that their line of work consists of some of the largest waste generators in the world. Which is why they source separate all of their material and recycle debris whenever possible. Their employees are trained in OSHA standards and always go the extra mile to exceed. This assures a safe site for everyone involved, which is the most important priority on any of our projects.

If you would like to learn more about Demolition’s commercial services in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, call or contact them today. They look forward to making your next demolition project safe and successful.

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