Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The demolition of a chimney can be a dangerous, tedious and messy task if done without the proper knowledge and planning. Whether adding an addition to a home, replacing or refurbishing a chimney, here is how to demolish a chimney efficiently and safely in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida.

  • Clean (and block off, if necessary) the area of the yard below the chimney. Put a tarp down. There will be several thousand pounds of brick, stone, and dust falling onto the lawn; a tarp will save the grass and make the cleanup of the dust much easier.
  • Using proper precautions climb the ladder and get up to the roof. Using a sledgehammer (it’s best to have 2 weights of sledge) swing at the top bricks until they start to become dislodged.
  • Continue dislodging the bricks in this manner until the chimney is level with the roof line. It is extremely important to maintain 100% control of the sledge and your body. A mishit or gust of wind can send your momentum over the roof with too much force to fight off.
  • Now that the chimney is at or below the roof, it’s time to work from the ladder. Lean it up against the house on the side of the chimney opposite your strong hand (if this permits in regards to whether or not there’s a window). This way you can use your strong side/hand to control the sledge. It’s best to use the lighter sledge here or even the regular hammer because controlling a sledge with one hand is very tiresome and difficult.
  • Once the chimney is demolished to almost ground level, the work gets much easier. With proper footing on the ground, you can allow the sledge to do most of the work by using a good balance with two hands and letting the momentum of the sledge carry it into the impact with the bricks.
  • If any bricks are stubborn and the sledge won’t work, try prying them out with the crowbar, or striking the crowbar with the sledge into the brick.
  • Now that the chimney is gone it’s time to haul away the brick. Save any intact bricks for landscaping, etc. Dispose of the rest at a local landscape/fill company. They charge much less than the dump would and they may even take it for free.
  • Board up the chimneyless side of the house with plywood until the next step in your project.

Tips and Warnings

If you want to salvage any of the bricks just take great care in removing them. This process takes much longer but saves the product.

This process is much easier with two people. Of course, this presents new safety precautions. Communication is key. Never swing the sledge unless you know exactly where your working partner is. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Be careful of chunks of brick flying in any direction when you strike with the sledge. Be especially careful of your face and windows.

Don’t control the sledge with two hands when you’re on the ladder. This puts you in too vulnerable of a position.

The removal of tall structures exposes workers to the risk of working at high elevations for extended periods of time. The height and potential reach of those structures also expose workers and facilities nearby to the consequences of unexpected collapse during demolition.

Demolishing a chimney can be a very tedious and dangerous job. Have a friend or neighbor help you with this project, and make sure you both take proper safety precautions. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Whether structures are made of brick, concrete or steel, the companies in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida can remove them quickly, safely and economically as compared to more traditional methods. Even if the chimneys are contaminated with arsenic, cyanide, lead, asbestos or other regulated materials, in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida they have the experience and technology to bring them down safely, while minimizing risk to workers, adjacent operations and local communities, alike. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Their brilliance of “Chimney Demolition” service enables our customers of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida with the highly secure destruction of Chimneys made of steel or concrete by following different techniques or methods of demolition. They do prior research and check for the chimney to be destructed and then plan how to start and end the work with accuracy. By having experts of this job in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, we ensure to get optimum results at the end of the work. Many companies in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida do take care of safety during the work process and provide with cost-effective chimney destruction services to the clients. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Remove a chimney

To help make buildings more resilient in an earthquake, some chimneys may now be removed without having to get a building consent.

If you want to remove an unreinforced masonry or concrete chimney, e.g. to make your building safer in an earthquake you may be exempt from the need to get a building consent. However, there are some situations where you need resource consent in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Exemption from building consent

Building consent is not needed to remove an unreinforced masonry or concrete chimney if these conditions apply:

  • Removing chimneys from buildings of no more than three storeys will not have an adverse effect on the primary structure of the building.
  • The chimney is not a common joint chimney stack that forms part of, and is integral to, a masonry inter-tenancy firewall between two semi-detached dwellings.
  • The chimney does not provide structural support to an upper floor or roof structure.
  • If the work for the removal of the chimney requires opening to be made to the external weatherproof claddings, the building is to be made weathertight using appropriate framing and cladding materials. All such work is to be completed using acceptable trade practices, including making good all gaps and holes in the floors, ceilings, and internal partitions.

Complying with the City Plan in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

In most cases removing your chimney will be a permitted activity in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida. However, there are some cases where you may need resource consent. For example, if your building is heritage listed on the District Plan, within a heritage or character area, or an area where consent is required of demolitions. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Advising the Council of works

Once a chimney is removed you may choose to advise the Council of the work that was done so your property record can be amended.

Building Consent

If the removal of a chimney will not meet the criteria above, a building consent will be required.

Earthquake-prone buildings

Partial removal of an unreinforced masonry or concrete chimney may not meet the requirements of the earthquake-prone building legislation. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The remaining portion of the chimney and any other identified structural element will require certification by a registered chartered structural engineer and be accepted by the Council as not being earthquake-prone.

The earthquake-prone building status of the building will remain until the status of the remaining part of the chimney and other structural elements have been resolved. Chimney demolition Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

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