Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Building Demolition Contract: A contract is a voluntary arrangement between two or more parties that is enforceable at law as a binding legal agreement. The contract is a branch of the law of obligations in jurisdictions of the civil law tradition.

A contract arises when the parties agree that there is an agreement. Formation of a contract generally requires an offer, acceptance, consideration, and a mutual intent to be bound. Each party to a contract must have the capacity to enter the agreement. Minors, intoxicated persons, and those under a mental affliction may have insufficient capacity to enter a contract. Some types of contracts may require formalities, such as a memorialization in writing.

It is important to stress that a building demolition contractor in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida raises, lowers, cribs, underpins, demolishes and moves or removes structures, including their foundations. This classification does not include the alterations, additions, repairs or rehabilitation of the permanently retained portions of such structures.

To be more specific, in the area of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida, Contract means the agreement between the Authority and the Contractor for the provision of the Works (in this case Building Demolition).

Contract documents include drawings, project manual (including general, supplementary and/or special conditions and specifications), addendum or modifications issued prior to proposal/ bidding and prepared by a design professional such as an architect. The general contractor may be the construction/ demolition manager or construction/ demolition manager at high risk.

Contracts are widely used in commercial law, and form the legal foundation for transactions across the world. Common examples include contracts for the sale of services and goods (both wholesale and retail), construction contracts, building demolition contracts, contracts of carriage, software licenses, employment contracts, insurance policies, sale or lease of land, and various other uses.

Selection and Oversight of Demolition Contractors and Consultants in the area of Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

By including certain information and requirements in the bidding process and in the final contract, you can better ensure that you select a contractor who will perform the work you want to be done in a manner that complies with applicable regulations.

Factors in selecting contractors and consultants


Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

It is important to consider the amount and type of experience of the contractors and consultants you are considering for work. Here are some approaches:

  • Get references from those who hired them for similar work in the past.
  • Talk to those who used a particular contractor in the past.
  • Find out how a contractor responded to complaints about their work, such as complaints from neighbors about noise or dust.
  • Consider the level of experience, training and the certifications or licenses held by the contractor/consultant and their employees.
  • Past experience doing work in your area may be an important consideration because of the value of familiarity with local conditions, local building practices, building materials commonly used in the local area, local requirements.

Compliance history

Check on past performance with:

  • your local pollution controls agency
  • the agency responsible for worker safety
  • the agency that licenses or accredits contractors and workers (if applicable for the work being done)

Ask if the firm has been warned or cited for any health and safety or environmental issues or violations.

Find out if they have ever taken any other action against the contractor or consultant for those types of issues.


Require bidders to have any required licenses or accreditation.


If the selected contractor uses subcontractors

Will you have any control over whom they choose?

How will you perform oversight on subcontractors’ work?

Is subcontracting addressed in your bid documents and contracts, or in whatever written agreement you use to procure their services?

Conflict of interest

Avoid conflicts of interest (potential or actual). The contractor you hire to assess an environmental issue (e.g. asbestos) should not be connected with the company that performs that remediation or abatement work. Using two different companies avoids conflict of interest. Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

The person who assesses the environmental problem should not stand to benefit financially from any work done to resolve the problem, so that you can be assured of a fair assessment.

These are some of the most important considerations you should take into account when making a contract with a demolition company.

In general, we can say that Demolition Contractors in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida From single family dwellings to large office buildings to bridges, demolition contractors are called upon to remove deteriorated structures that have outlived their original intended purpose. Demolition contractors also assist in renovations by removing internal and external obstacles to make way for more modern designs while leaving the buildings historical architecture intact. Demolition contractors also remove obsolete equipment for industry to accommodate newer, efficient machinery and when natural disasters occur, demolition contractor’s experience, skills, training and expertise is especially needed and in high demand.

There are many risks inherent to the demolition industry. Demolition contractors provide contract conditions to meet the client’s needs including protection for your workers, members of the public, heavy equipment, general liability and legal fees, property, cargo and pollution claims. Building Demolition Contract Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida

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